Debt & Collections Case Law UNITED STATES, v. ACB SALES & SERVICE, INC. et al. – United States District Court, D. Arizona

590 F.Supp. 561 (1984)UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff,v.ACB SALES & SERVICE, INC. et al., Defendants.Civ. No. 80-251 PHX CLH.United States District Court, D. Arizona.June 19, 1984. A. Melvin McDonald, U.S. Atty., James P. Loss, Asst. U.S. Atty., Phoenix, Ariz., Vicki G. Golden, Anita Johnson, Civil Div., U.S. Dept. of Justice, Washington, D.C., for plaintiff.Warren C. [...]

Employment Law Case Law WAGENSELLER v. SCOTTSDALE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – Supreme Court of Arizona

147 Ariz. 370 (1985)710 P.2d 1025Catherine Sue WAGENSELLER, Plaintiff-Appellant,v.SCOTTSDALE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL; Donald A. Andrews and Jane Doe Andrews, his wife; Neal Brown and Jane Doe Brown, his wife; John W. Holmes and Jane Doe Holmes, his wife; and Kay Smith, a single person, Defendants-Appellees.No. 17646-PR.Supreme Court of Arizona, En Banc.June 17, 1985.Reconsideration Denied August 20, [...]

DWI & DUI Case Law STATE OF ARIZONA v. GESCHWIND – Supreme Court of Arizona

136 Ariz. 360 (1983)666 P.2d 460STATE of Arizona, Appellee,v.Jerome Mason GESCHWIND, Appellant.No. 5760-PR.Supreme Court of Arizona, En Banc.June 14, 1983. Robert K. Corbin, Atty. Gen. by William J. Schafer, III and Diane M. Ramsey, Asst. Attys. Gen., Phoenix, for appellee.Dwight P. Callahan, Casa Grande, for appellant.HAYS, Justice.On November 6, 1981 appellant was arrested in Pinal [...]


154 Ariz. 568 (1987)744 P.2d 669Ronald James KUNZLER, Petitioner/Appellant,v.PIMA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT and the Hon. Robert B. Buchanan, a Judge thereof, Respondents, and CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, Real Party in Interest/Appellee.No. CV 87-0094-PR.Supreme Court of Arizona, In Banc.September 24, 1987.Reconsideration Denied November 17, 1987.Stephen Paul Barnard, P.C. by Stephen Paul Barnard, Tucson, for petitioner/appellant.Frederick S. Dean, [...]

Debt & Collections Case Law S. MARCHANT v. U.S. COLLECTIONS WEST, INC., et al. – United States District Court, D. Arizona

12 F.Supp.2d 1001 (1998)Bradley S. MARCHANT, Plaintiff,v.U.S. COLLECTIONS WEST, INC., et al., Defendants.No. CIV.96-2723PHXRCB(WKU).United States District Court, D. Arizona.June 17, 1998.12 Floyd W. Bybee, Tempe, AZ, for Plaintiff.William W. Holder, Phoenix, AZ, for Defendants.MEMORANDUM AND ORDER ON DEFENDANTS' MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND PLAINTIFF'S CROSS-MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENTURBOM, Senior District Judge.The plaintiff, Bradley Marchant, brought [...]

DWI & DUI Case Law T. HINSON v. C. COULTER and STATE of Arizona- Supreme Court of Arizona

150 Ariz. 306 (1986)723 P.2d 655David T. HINSON, Petitioner,v.Hon. Rufus C. COULTER, Jr., Judge of the Superior Court, State of Arizona, in and for the County of Maricopa, Respondent, and STATE of Arizona, Real Party in Interest.No. 18452-SA.Supreme Court of Arizona, In Banc.June 30, 1986.Reconsideration Denied September 9, 1986. Patterson & Terribile, P.A. by Daniel [...]

DWI & DUI Case Law MONTANO v. SUPERIOR COURT of the State of Arizona, In and For the COUNTY OF PIMA, and L. SCHOLL and The STATE of Arizona – Supreme Court of Arizona

149 Ariz. 385 (1986)719 P.2d 271Jose Roberto MONTANO, Petitioner,v.SUPERIOR COURT of the State of Arizona, In and For the COUNTY OF PIMA, and Honorable William L. Scholl, a Judge Pro Tempore thereof, Respondents, and The STATE of Arizona, ex rel. Stephen D. NEELY, County Attorney for the County of Pima, Real Party in Interest.No. 18186-PR.Supreme [...]