Divorce Case Law Wanda OLIVE HUDSON v. JAMES HUDSON – Supreme Court of California

52 Cal.2d 735 (1959)344 P.2d 295OLIVE HUDSON, Respondent,v.JAMES HUDSON, Appellant.Docket No. S.F. 19886.Supreme Court of California. In Bank.October 5, 1959. George Porter Tobin for Appellant.Haskell M. Goodman for Respondent. TRAYNOR, J.Defendant appeals from an order granting plaintiff temporary alimony, attorney's fees, court costs, and other relief in her action for divorce and permanent alimony.The parties [...]

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Employment Law Case Law EMMA ROJO et al. v. ERWIN H. KLIGER et al. – Supreme Court of California

52 Cal.3d 65 (1990)801 P.2d 373276 Cal. Rptr. 130EMMA ROJO et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants,v.ERWIN H. KLIGER et al., Defendants and Respondents.Docket No. S010142.Supreme Court of California.December 20, 1990.COUNSELPatten, Faith & Sandford and Lorraine Grindstaff for Plaintiffs and Appellants.Joseph Posner, David C. Anton, Margaret E. Roeckl, Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert & Matz, Robert J. Rose, [...]

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Employment Law Case Law GUZ v. BECHTEL NATIONAL, INC – Supreme Court of California

100 Cal.Rptr.2d 352 (2000)24 Cal.4th 3178 P.3d 1089John GUZ, Plaintiff and Appellant,v.BECHTEL NATIONAL, INC., et al., Defendants and Respondents.No. S062201.Supreme Court of California.October 5, 2000. Bianco & Murphy, Stephen M. Murphy, San Francisco; Quackenbush & Quackenbush and William C. Quackenbush, San Mateo, for Plaintiff and Appellant.Thomas W. Osborne and Melvin Radowitz, Washington, Dist. of Col., [...]

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Divorce Case Law Wanda ALICE GORDILLO REDIKER v. ABRAHAM SANFORD REDIKER – Supreme Court of California

35 Cal.2d 796 (1950)ALICE GORDILLO REDIKER, Appellant,v.ABRAHAM SANFORD REDIKER et al., Respondents.L. A. No. 20704.Supreme Court of California. In Bank.Aug. 18, 1950.William Ellis Lady for Appellant.Hahn, Ross, Goldstone & Saunders and Philip Gordon for Respondents.TRAYNOR, J.[1] Plaintiff appeals from a judgment annulling as bigamous her marriage to defendant and awarding her $15,000 as a putative [...]

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