Real Estate Case Law LATHAM AND ASSOCIATES, INC. v. WILLIAM RAVEIS REAL ESTATE, INC. – Supreme Court of Connecticut

218 Conn. 297 (1991)LATHAM AND ASSOCIATES, INC.v.WILLIAM RAVEIS REAL ESTATE, INC.(14175)Supreme Court of Connecticut.Argued February 21, 1991.Decision released April 9, 1991.PETERS, C. J., SHEA, CALLAHAN, GLASS and BORDEN, JS. James M. Nugent, with whom, on the brief, was George W. Derbyshire, for the appellant (plaintiff).Irwin J. Gordon, for the appellee (defendant).PETERS, C. J.The issues in [...]

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Probate Case Law SHERRY H. v. PROBATE COURT – Supreme Court of Connecticut

177 Conn. 93 (1979)SHERRY H.v.PROBATE COURTSupreme Court of Connecticut.Argued November 8, 1978.Decision released March 20, 1979.COTTER, C. J., LOISELLE, BOGDANSKI, LONGO and PETERS, JS. David Bixby, law student intern, under the supervision of Stephen Wizner, with whom, on the brief, were Edward Conan, law student intern, Mary F. Keller, Dennis E. Curtis, and Judith Resnik, [...]

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Divorce Case Law BODDIE v. CONNECTICUT – Supreme Court of United States

401 U.S. 371 (1971)BODDIE ET AL.v.CONNECTICUT ET AL.No. 27.Supreme Court of United States.Argued December 8, 1969Reargued November 17, 1970Decided March 2, 1971APPEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF CONNECTICUT.Arthur B. LaFrance reargued the cause and filed briefs for appellants.Raymond J. Cannon, Assistant Attorney General of Connecticut, reargued the cause for appellees. [...]

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