Divorce Case Law SPARKS v. SPARKS – Supreme Court of Michigan

440 Mich. 141 (1992)485 N.W.2d 893SPARKSv.SPARKSDocket No. 90300, (Calendar No. 5).Supreme Court of Michigan.Argued January 7, 1992.Decided June 30, 1992.Reider & Brown, P.C. (by Richard K. Reider), for the plaintiff.Potuznik, Carrozza, Wilson, Hermanson & Wistrom, P.C. (by Denis V. Potuznik and Kevin T. Wistrom), for the defendant.Amicus Curiae:Katherine L. Barnhart, P.C. (by Katherine L. Barnhart), [...]

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Divorce Case Law REED v. REED – Court of Appeals of Michigan

693 N.W.2d 825 (2005)265 Mich. App. 131Verladia REED, Plaintiff-Appellee,v.Gregory J. REED, Defendant-Appellant.Docket No. 248895.Court of Appeals of Michigan.Submitted January 18, 2005.Decided February 8, 2005.Released for Publication March 17, 2005. Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, P.C. (by Sharon J. LaDuke and Susan S. Lichterman), Detroit, for the plaintiff.Thomasine Jefferson, Detroit, for the defendant.Before: MARKEY, P.J., and [...]

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Divorce Case Law OLSON v. OLSON – Court of Appeals of Michigan

671 N.W.2d 64 (2003)256 Mich. App. 619Linda OLSON, Plaintiff-Appellee,v.John M. OLSON, III, Defendant-Appellant.Docket Nos. 230588, 237244, 237288.Court of Appeals of Michigan.Submitted March 18, 2003, at Detroit.Decided May 27, 2003, at 9:05 a.m.Released for Publication July 14, 2003. Henry Baskin, P.C. (by Henry Baskin) and Allan Falk, P.C. (by Allan Falk), Birmingham, Okemos, for the plaintiff.Butzel [...]

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Divorce Case Law WOLFE v. WOLFE – Supreme Court of Ohio

46 Ohio St. 2d 399 (1976)WOLFE, APPELLEE,v.WOLFE, APPELLANT.No. 75-26.Supreme Court of Ohio.Decided June 23, 1976. Messrs. Addison & Smith, Mr. Richard C. Addison and Mr. L. Dennis Marlowe, for appellee.Mr. George T. Gareff and Mr. Michael J. Norris, for appellant.WILLIAM B. BROWN, J.The basic issue presented— whether the Court of Common Pleas has power to [...]

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Divorce Case Law HOYT v. HOYT – Supreme Court of Ohio

53 Ohio St. 3d 177 (1990)HOYT, APPELLEE,v.HOYT, APPELLANT.No. 89-98.Supreme Court of Ohio.Submitted January 24, 1990.Decided August 29, 1990. Sherry Newman Spenzer and Allen S. Spike, for appellee.Mark E. Stephenson, for appellant.YOUNG, J.This court is presented with an opportunity to develop guidelines for a trial court to follow when exercising its discretion in considering pension or [...]

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Divorce Case Law GROSS v. GROSS – Supreme Court of Ohio

11 Ohio St. 3d 99 (1984)GROSS, APPELLEE,v.GROSS, APPELLANT.No. 83-564.Supreme Court of Ohio.Decided June 13, 1984. Messrs. Brownfield, Bowen & Bally, Mr. C. William Brownfield and Mr. William H. Arnold, for appellee.Murphey, Young & Smith Co., L.P.A., Mr. Alan L. Briggs, Mr. Geoffry V. Case and Mr. George W. Gross, for appellant.HOLMES, J.An antenuptial agreement is [...]

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Divorce Case Law Wanda OLIVE HUDSON v. JAMES HUDSON – Supreme Court of California

52 Cal.2d 735 (1959)344 P.2d 295OLIVE HUDSON, Respondent,v.JAMES HUDSON, Appellant.Docket No. S.F. 19886.Supreme Court of California. In Bank.October 5, 1959. George Porter Tobin for Appellant.Haskell M. Goodman for Respondent. TRAYNOR, J.Defendant appeals from an order granting plaintiff temporary alimony, attorney's fees, court costs, and other relief in her action for divorce and permanent alimony.The parties [...]

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Divorce Case Law BRADY v. BRADY – Court of Appeals of the State of New York

64 N.Y.2d 339 (1985)Edward Brady, Appellant,v.Dorothy Brady, Respondent.Court of Appeals of the State of New York.Argued January 7, 1985.Decided February 14, 1985.Dale B. Weiss for appellant.Herman Yellon for respondent.Judges JASEN, MEYER, SIMONS, KAYE and ALEXANDER concur.Chief Judge WACHTLER.Plaintiff Edward Brady has brought this matrimonial action against his wife, defendant Dorothy Brady, seeking a divorce and [...]

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Divorce Case Law CAMERON v. CAMERON – Supreme Court of Texas

641 S.W.2d 210 (1982)Sue Akers CAMERON, Petitioner,v.Paul Archibald CAMERON, Respondent.No. C-8.Supreme Court of Texas.October 13, 1982.Rehearing Denied November 17, 1982. Harris, Cook & Browning, Larry G. Hyden and Scott T. Cook, Corpus Christi, for petitioner.Charles R. Cunningham, Corpus Christi, for respondent.POPE, Justice.The questions presented concern the trial court's division of military retirement pay and United [...]

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