Traffic tickets Case Law CITY OF REDMOND v. A. MOORE – Supreme Court of Washington

91 P.3d 875 (2004)151 Wash.2d 664CITY OF REDMOND, Appellant,v.Dean A. MOORE, Respondent.City of Redmond, Appellant,v.Jason D. Wilson, Respondent.No. 72614-1.Supreme Court of Washington, En Banc.Argued February 12, 2003.Decided June 3, 2004.Reconsideration Denied August 24, 2004. Richard Mitchell, Redmond, for Appellant.Cherilyn Church, Donna Kay Tucker, Bellevue, for Respondent.Sharon Sullivan Eckholm, Wash. Atty. General/Lic. & Emp., Olympia, for [...]

Traffic tickets Case Law THE STATE OF WASHINGTON v. DOROTHY MAE RANDECKER – Supreme Court of Washington

79 Wn.2d 512 (1971)487 P.2d 1295THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, Petitioner,v.DOROTHY MAE RANDECKER, Respondent.No. 41555.The Supreme Court of Washington, En Banc.August 19, 1971.STAFFORD, J.A jury found Dorothy Mae Randecker guilty of 50 counts of second-degree forgery and 1 count of grand larceny by embezzlement. The trial lasted 10 days, 111 witnesses testified, and 182 exhibits were [...]